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John McCrea - Guitar

John McCrea plays and teaches all styles of guitar. Rock, blues, jazz and classical music. From J.S. Bach to the Beatles. He also specializes in theory and fundamentals. Also offers beginning bass guitar lessons.

He worked as a transcriber for Guitar Player Magazine, Warner Bros., Music Sales Corp., and AMSCO. Projects included transcribing music by AC/DC, B.B. King, Stone Temple Pilots and Guns n’ Roses.

He received a B.A. in Music from U.C. Berkley. Also his community college credential in music from the State of California and taught guitar classes at Evergreen College in San Jose.

John has played electric guitar in numerous bands and is currently performs classical guitar solo engagements . He is a top quality instructor for kids to adults, beginners to advanced players alike.

Contact John at (831) 406-9253

John's Website
Masaru Koga - Sax/Clarinet/Flute

Masaru Koga has been serving the Bay Area's thriving music scene and education programs for over 20 years. He received his Bachelors Degree on Music from San Jose State University.

As an educator he has continuously been providing private lessons on saxophone, flute and clarinet to students of all ages and levels, as well as teaching music workshops and participating in music program residencies in San Francisco. In addition, his experiences include working for the Silicon Valley Youth Conservatory as director of their jazz workshop program, as well as serving as the Artistic Director of SambAsia San Francisco, an award winning community samba school.

As a performer, he has traveled, recorded and performed internationally with artists as well as providing aide through his music.

Contact Masaru at (415) 509-8937 or at

Masaru's Website

C.L. Behrens - Low Brass

C.L. Behrens is the bass trombonist with Opera San Jose, Symphony Silicon Valley, and the Stockton Symphony. Mr. Behrens previously played with Opera Cleveland. In addition to his orchestral pursuits, Mr. Behrens can be found playing in an assortment of commercial music projects. When C.L. isn't transcribing horn charts for cover bands, he likes to work on his minimalism compositions.

Mr. Behrens earned his Masters from San Francisco Conservatory of Music and his Bachelors from Oberlin Conservatory of Music. His teachers have included John Engelkes, James DeSano, and Thomas Klaber.

Contact C.L. at
C.L.'s Website

Mike McWilliams - Trumpet

Mike McWilliams began playing the trumpet at the age of 10. He joined the Santa Clara Vanguard B Drum and Bugle Corps later that year as a young third soprano bugle player back in 1974. He spent the next three years marching in parades and playing in concert band through grade school, and by 1976, was playing lead soprano bugle and first trumpet in both groups. He auditioned for the Vanguard A Corps in 1977, and made lead soprano at the age of 13.

From 1977 to 1983, Mike marched with the Vanguard and went on tour every summer. In 1982, he received a Music Scholarship to attend San Jose State University, and went on to join the Symphonic Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Band. In 1984, he auditioned for the All American Olympic Marching band and made first trumpet, after deciding to take a break from drum corps.

In 1985, he returned to march his last year with the Vanguard. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Trumpet Performance in 1988 from San Jose State University, and after working 23 years in the private sector, is now teaching and playing full time since 2010. Currently he is a member the Houserockers, and is a Brass instructor for Branham High School marching band, and teaches beginning music / brass for the S’Cool Spirit Band Program at various elementary schools in the area.

Contact Mike at (408) 829-6981 or at

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